Top 5 Best Benefits of Vegetable Oil

One of the great benefits of vegetable oils is that they provide unsaturated fatty acids.

This means that each organic molecule that contains at least one carbon double bond.

Another benefit of these vegetable oils is that they are highly rich in vitamin E that benefits the hemoglobin of the red blood cells of living beings.

Benefits of Vegetable Oils

Currently they are the only oils that are used at the time of cooking.

In past decades animal oil was used but for environmental reasons and to conserve the species, it was left aside, understanding that it is more important to prevail the ecosystem.

To give you an idea of its energetic value, what it provides will give you a simple example.

For each 100 grams it contributes an energy value of 900 to 950 kilo calories approximately.

Vegetable oils are extracted from roots, fruits and seeds that have great potential for human health.

Consulting a nutritionist I asked what was for her the benefits that gave us this type of vegetable oils and for her professional opinion were these benefits to highlight:

You always have to keep in mind that these benefits come from the type of fatty acids like the omegas you have, such as being the main source of antioxidant vitamins.

The degree of refining is who gives the color that can go from green to a yellow tone depending on the process you have.

One of the benefits of vegetable oils for consumption is that by ingesting moderately used for vegetable salads for example is a great source of fatty acids that are fundamental to the human body.

They are so important that these acids are participants in several biochemical reactions at the cellular level of the human body, such as hormonal production, the reinforcement of essential vitamins as well as the maintenance of cells and help in the creation of connective tissue.

It can also happen that I act as a reserve of energy that is stored in the body.

As well in what is the formation and creation of the fatty panicle of the skin.

To make it a little clearer on a scientific and medical level.

When a human being has a lack of carbohydrates, what the body does automatically is to resort to the lipid reserve as it can also be to the fat to look for that energy that it lacks.

This is done naturally to have a balance in the metabolism.

But if there is also a lack of lipids, it will begin to consume its proteins, which affects its muscle tissue.

To give you an idea of the importance of these oils in our bodies, I will give you an example of what would happen if we were missing.

The lack of these essential oils what causes is to have malformations and may even atrophy your nervous system as well as the endocrine.

This causes an unbalance or rather an imbalance at the cellular level with irreparable problems.

If we had to recommend which are the best oils for humans, we should definitely point to those derived from fish since they have a large amount of fatty acids such as pink salmon, for example, rich in omega versus vegetable oils.

5 Benefits of Vegetable Oils

Taste : before entering into the chemical and medicinal characteristics of vegetable oils it is important to highlight their exquisite flavor as they are used for gastronomy in very relevant planes where it has the quality of improving the flavor in a wide range, both for Mediterranean meals and for salads mainly with olive oil which is one of the most used by the great chef.

100% free of cholesterol : foods that raise cholesterol at present is a great threat to health that is why thanks to this type of oils we can maintain a very healthy level in the blood since it is totally free of cholesterol and favors its consumption since it does not increase cardiovascular risk. Recommended cooking oils are corn, soybeans and canola.

Antioxidant : it is one of the edible elements that favor protection against cancer disease, because thanks to its rich amount of carotenes and tocopherols, oil is considered as a source of antioxidants in every sense. Thanks to these elements and substances is that it has the color green and yellow. If it is a virgin oil, its quantity will be greater at the contained level.

Keeps the heart healthy : other advantages of oils with a vegetable origin that is to help keep the heart healthy by the cause of polyunsaturated fatty acids. This type of fat is what helps prevent cholesterol from accumulating in the arteries. This favors you do not have a heart attack so in a healthy diet should be added as an ingredient. Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 depending on the origin of the oil are the fatty acids that you can find.

Phytosterols: it has a great benefit for the health of the human being, although this type of fat resembles cholesterol but it is the opposite. If it is consumed it has a great benefit regarding the decrease when it comes to absorbing cholesterol in the area of ​​the intestine and that it is produced in the body.

Damaging Oils for the Human Being

Oils such as rapeseed oil, rape or canola are the cause of malformations in young children and even atrophy the natural growth of life.

This is an oil that was cultivated a lot in Chile, but after university studies and biochemical scientists it was possible to demonstrate how bad it was for the organism due to its high toxicity.

Currently, thanks to different types of techniques and hybridization studies (production of hybrids) can be obtained from the rapeseed by 0.2% erucic acid content without major problem.

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