Lift Weights at Least Twice a Week, by Prescription

This is one of the new guidelines for health and physical activity in the United States. The rest is not wasted either.

From time to time, the US Department of Health renews the Physical Activity Guidelines for its citizens and gives the impression that, with the latter, they are very aware of the importance of good physical shape so that the public treasury is saved every year a good amount of dollars, that our neighbors on the other side of the pond that money are very clear.

The New Rules of American Health Do Not Come at All Bad to Europeans

It is recommended that adults do, between 2h 30 ‘and 5 hrs of weekly physical activity, moderate-intensity or 1h 15’ to 2h 30 ‘of intense physical activity or a balanced combination of both intensities. It is also recommended to include bodybuilding work at least twice a week with moderate to high intensity.

1. The adolescents and children of school age (6-17 years old) must perform at least 60 minutes of daily physical activity.

2. The preschoolers, 3 to 5 years should perform physical activity throughout the day. Their educators and their parents should encourage them with varied outdoor games.

3. Three times a week it is recommended in children and adolescents the work of toning, with weights, machines or self-loading, exercising the main muscle groups.

4. Women during both pregnancy and after delivery should perform at least 2h 30 ‘of moderate aerobic activity per week. If you previously performed high-intensity activities, you can continue doing them, adjusting the intensity slightly. Expert advice is recommended with the intensity and type of exercise.

5. It is advisable to work the balance, in older people, a quality that also decreases with age.

6. Unlike the previous guidelines, now it is considered physical activity for the global calculation even if it does not reach the 10 minutes of consecutive duration, everything adds up, like climbing the stairs of your house even if it does not take you more than two minutes.

7. It is recommended to avoid spending a lot of time sitting, sofas and office chairs are enemies to avoid.

These guidelines are based on scientific evidence, a strong correlation between sedentary life and increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, overweight, anxiety, depression and higher mortality in general.

All types of physical activity are beneficial, especially moderate to vigorous intensity. For Americans, there is no other change of habits that they can do more for the health of their citizens. Investing today exercising time is like a pension plan for a healthy and happy life in the future and saves a lot of money in healthcare expenses.

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