Dental Care Without Visit to The Dentist

Dental care is possible even without a visit to the dentist. All you need to do is, be regular with your oral care schedule day-in and day-out. And if you manage that well, the rest will automatically fall into place. After all, when you brush your teeth twice a day, this helps prevent most of dental problems in future. You should thus brush once in the morning and then before hitting the bed, spending at least 2-3 minutes to get proper and through cleaning. Right after brushing, you must floss the teeth to wash away any food particles, plaque or bacteria stuck between the teeth.

Some people mistakenly believe that brushing would be enough in helping them achieve total dental health. They are wrong as their toothbrush is often thick and its bristles can’t reach between the teeth. And if flossing is not done, the food debris and bacteria will continue to pester there causing weakening of the tooth structure and gum inflammation. This will put grave risks to both the teeth and gums in future. Similarly, not cleaning the tongue daily is an invitation to an array of dental problems as then bacteria from the surface will find a way into the bloodstream.

More so, dentists recommend changing the toothbrush after every 3 to months in order to minimize the abrasion caused by worn-out or frayed bristles. They also strongly urge people to use only fluoride-containing toothpaste to get effective protection against cavity and tooth decay. Similarly, one should stay away from sugary items or at least avoid consuming too much of sugar in any form as it can harm the teeth and gums greatly over time. Sugar in any form is bad, so you must cut back on candies, chocolates, sweets, fruit juices, chips, bars and anything with sugar content.

To maintain dental health, you must focus only on having a balanced diet enriched by dairy products, leafy greens and nuts. Some of food items that are considered good for your oral health include cheese, yoghurt, milk, almonds, apples, carrots, kale, spinach, cucumber, etc. In the same way, dentists want you to avoid consumption of acidic foods or drinks as they can cause great damage to your tooth enamel. So, stop waking up to a hot cup of tea or coffee and if possible, replace these caffeinated beverages with lemon water. And yes, drink plenty of water daily to gain tons of dental health benefits.

Water should be you go-to beverage for any season as it not only keeps you hydrated but also prevents dry mouth and washes away foods and plaque stuck in the oral cavity. If oral care is really your concern, you must stop smoking or using tobacco in any form. These harmful items not only stain or discolour the teeth but may also lead to advanced level of gum disease. More so, stop drinking liquor and soda as like caffeinated drinks, they too are bad for your oral health. They might weaken your teeth structure gradually and cause premature tooth loss.

Further, dentists advise not using the teeth for any other purpose than eating and chewing, surely not for opening the bottle or ripping apart packages. This might cause the tooth to get chipped or cracked. You should also not brush the teeth or rinse the mouth immediately after consuming acidic or sweet foods or items. This could lead to tooth decay over time. Clearly, dental care is possible even without consulting the good dentist nearby next door, provided you are determined and discipled to achieve total dental health. Your teeth and gums are precious and with little care, you can keep them as healthy and disease-free as they should always be.

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